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Tour of the Port/the Canals

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During most of the not-too-horrifically-cold season (April - October), one can pay for a on-the-water sightseeing of Copenhagen, taking a one hour long, guided trip with a sightseeing boat from one of the two companies that offer these sorts of services ("Netto-Bådene" and "DFDS Canal Tours"). The guides normally explain in English (and possibly other languages too). It is a great way to get to see a lot of the city in a short time, get some background information and also see things from a slightly different angle.

Christianshavns Kanal

Unless you are going on a very warm and not too windy summer day, be sure to bring some warm clothes - the tour does go out into pretty open waters where the wind is stronger (and thus chills more) than the wind at land.

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