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Statue of King Frederik V

Statues are part of the urban "city-scape" in Copenhagen. In squares and parks, you will often find statues of mythical characters as well as historic people. Often, the statues are light green, since the prefered material, bronze, contains copper that reacts with the water occasionally falling from the sky.

Parks such as Ørsted Parken and the Botanic Garden contain several "non-Danish" statues with motives from classical Greek and Roman mythology. In the former, you also find a statue of one of Denmark's great scientists, H.C. Ørsted.

Other great Danes can be found outside the Royal Theatre (poet Adam Oehlenschläger who wrote the lyrics for the Danish national anthem, and playwriter Ludvig Holberg, a "Scandinavian Molire"), and near Copenhagen town hall at the street H.C. Andersen's Boulevard (H.C. Andersen, obviously). Kings and naval heroes are also popular motives, e.g. the statue of king Frederik V on his horse in the middle of Amalienborg palace square and the statue of admiral Niels Juel at Holmens Kanal).

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